-- Each print station is followed by an individual high-velocity impinged air drying tunnel with a choice of three settings "ON/LOW/HIGH".

-- Slotted air tunnels as opposed to round holes. The slotted tunnels allow for greater impinged air saturation to your web to improve drying.

-- Individual dryer switch that powers all or each individual dryer heat relays at each print station. With this switch "ON", the heaters at each station will only be activated during the "RUN" mode. This prevents excessive heat build-up at the print stations during non-run periods. This can be a significant money/energy savings if you are not printing in each station of your press.

-- Internal blowers that are located within the foot of the press. Each print station has a designated blower for the pressure and exhaust.

-- 4" diameter dryer ducting offering more airflow and drying capacity to your web.

-- 2 heater elements designated for each color. Each heater element is rated at 1.8 kilowatts.


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