-- Available from 0 to 10 color print stations. All printing stations are identical to each other with exactly the same controls and adjustments. This makes the 300 Series press the easiest press to operate in the industry.

-- Independent registration on each print station that has a maximum lineal registration adjustment of +/- 3/8". The registry adjustment knob also has a position indicator. Motorized registration system is also available as an option.

-- 24" maximum print repeat that allows for the greatest print job versatility.

-- Quick-change print head design. The print cylinder, anilox roll, metering rolls, doctor blades and the ink pan have been designed for quick changeover that can be accomplished within minutes. This requires "no tools".

-- Operating Control Panel on each print station with "JOG, "IDLE", "RUN", "STOP", impression "ON/OFF", dryers switch with "OFF/ON/LOW/HIGH", anilox "ON/OFF" and "E-STOP" button.

-- Automatic plate roll throw off to prevent the printing plates from burning when the press stops.

-- Automatic individually controlled constant turning anilox and meter rolls to prevent the ink from drying when the press stops.

-- Industry standard 4 way adjustable print heads to adjust the vertical and horizontal impression of each print cylinder from 5" to 24" repeats (8" to 24" on the 313).

-- Precision steel adjusting arms that rigidly supports the plate rolls.

-- Ball bearing print cylinders that allows for much faster cylinder changes and higher print quality, an important feature when running short run jobs.

-- 3.5" diameter anilox rolls and 65 durometer rubber meter rolls are supplied as standard and are recommended for standard applications. Other types are available upon request.

-- 3.5" diameter hardened steel impression rolls with 4" outside diameter bearings. This heavy-duty design provides stability for better print repeatability and consistency.

-- " shaft diameter on the 10" press and " on the 13" press, quick release plate roll mounting pins with built-in lateral registration control of +/- 1/8".

-- Quick-change stainless steel ink fountain assembly. The inking rolls have 2" outside diameter bearings for stability and longer life.

-- Machine surfaced idler rolls with less T.I.R. than bead blasted extruded rollers. This improves the within repeat registration.


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