-- 40" roll diameter unwind module with 3" diameter air cores and roll adjustment. This module also includes a web tension control system and a pneumatic lift. It is an option for the 310 and standard for the 313.

-- Motorized registration system, this allows the operator to adjust the registration on the printing and die cutting stations with a push of a button from the main control panel. With this option, the operator does not have to go to each print station to adjust the registration and helps increase productivity and reduces waste. Excellent when used in conjunction with a strobe light or a video inspection unit.

-- Ultraviolet curing unit, this is for UV coating/printing applications and can be located at any or all of the printing stations.

-- Reverse Angle Doctor Blade this is a quick release design to allow for quick change over.

-- Strobe light or Video Web Inspection Unit are devices that allows the operator to monitor the printing quality on the web, while the press is running, before it is wound on the rewind core. The strobe light includes a manual control and all necessary connections and mounting brackets. The video web inspection unit includes a camera, a computer and a monitor unit.

-- Turnover Bar is a device that allows the web to be turned over between any two print stations. It lets you print on both sides of the web by turning the web over while running. It consists of two idler rollers, two air bars and an air regulator.

-- Ink pan covers to prevent contamination of airborne debris, and reduce solvent evaporation.

-- Second 24" roll diameter waste wind-up for dual winding of waste die cutting product. This unit consists of a small idler, an adjustable belt driven capstan and take up roll.

-- 24" roll diameter lamination arm is a device that allows you to add another layer to the top of the web. This unit includes an unwind tension control, a lateral adjust knob, a mechanical brake, a guide roll, ironing roll and pressure blocks.

-- Razor, air circular or mechanical circular slitter knife assembly with side-to-side adjustment. Slitters let you slit, score or perforate the web longitudinally while printing. The air circular type includes an Air Slitter Control Panel located at the Master Control Panel with an "ON/OFF" switch which operates the air valve that supplies air to activate the slitter blades and a "Pressure Regulator" that regulates the air pressure supplied to the slitter blades. The pressure setting is determined by the cutting requirements.

-- Die adaptors, fixed or adjustable (to make use of dies shorter than standard, which are driven from the backside of the press) includes all die pressure adjusting units and necessary bearing blocks.

-- Lateral Register Bearing Block Assembly to allow the lateral registration adjustment of dies. Note: Requires die journal to be drilled & tapped.

-- Second 30" roll diameter rewind allows the operator to rewind multiple rolls from a single web simultaneously after slitting. It includes a 3" air core and a separate second Rewind Control Panel located at the Master Control Panel.

-- Bottom or Top stacker. The bottom stacker is for stacking rectangular shaped sheets of printed materials. It stacks sheets in a bottom-to-top order. The top stacker is a ShingLing conveyor for stacking printed sheets of irregular shapes in top-to-bottom order. Both stackers include appropriate mounting brackets, acceleration section to separate sheets, drive pulley, belt tightener, guard and support bar. The top stacker can be purchased with a batch counter that can speed up the conveyor belt momentarily at a pre-selected count for batch separation.

-- Dual gearing allows the operator to run more than one gear series on the same press. The press can be configured with both1/8 CP gears on the gear side of the press and 32 DP gears on the operator side of the press.

-- B-Bunch 590 Series Fan Folder for folding the finished product to be shipped in boxes. This unit includes the fan folder adapter kit and fan folder drive.

-- T & P drop in type male/female punch unit punches holes on materials that will later be used in tractor feed type equipment. This unit fits in either die slot.

-- I Kela drop in type hot stamp equipment apply gold or foil stamp to the web while the press is running. This unit fits in either die slot.

-- Variable information system for printing varying information or graphics while the press is running.

-- Corona Treaters with support rolls, ozone destruct, auto power density and installation kit. This option allows the operator to treat the film surface for better ink adhesion.

-- Web Cleaners, available in single or double side. This option cleans the surface of the web and picks up any contaminants prior to printing.

-- Static Eliminators that help reduced any problems related to static. Helpful in maintaining the web clean and most advantageous in film applications.

-- Delam/ Relam Unit. This option is used in supported films where the operator needs to separate the film from the paper support, print reverse on the back side of the film and then relaminate the two substrate for final finishing.  printing stations.

-- Safety cages that are installed to surround and guard the die cutting and printing stations.


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