-- The 500 Series is constructed from 1" thick Aluminum side plates (6061-T6 tool and jig grade material) on the printing and 1 thick steel side plate die cutting stations to assure durability and performance. The press has a wide base and leveling bolts to assure stability and prevent vibrations.
-- Mono-plate construction full to floor ensures precise converting and printing tolerances. This design also eliminates tracking problems that are evident in tubular frame designs, and cantilevered designs.
-- Class 10 gearing for tighter and consistent registration.
-- German-engineered, phase shifter gearboxes are oil filled and fully enclosed for superior print registration and low maintenance.
-- All gearboxes are connected to the 1" solid steel drive shaft with zero backlash couplings. (Torque tubes are standard on the 520)
-- The Master Control Panel is located at the die cutting and sheeting module and has been designed to allow the operator to run the press from one location. This panel also has the Predetermined Counter and the Speed Meter.
-- Removable cabinetry at the back of the press makes the drive train easy to get to. The sheet metal panels are removable without tools for quick access for routine maintenance.
-- The spacious, well-organized electrical control box gives easy access to all electrical components.
-- The drive unit includes a 15 or 20 horsepower drive motor (15 HP for the 10" and 16" press, 20 HP for the 20" press) with electronic motor controller for controlled acceleration and emergency stop dynamic braking.
-- This press has been designed with minimal custom parts and allows the users to purchase many of the replacement parts from local suppliers.
-- Reduced floor space, the Allied 500 Series press requires less of your valuable space, as the drying and electrical systems are within the footprint of your press. (5.0 & 10.0 KW dryers require on external exhaust blower)


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