-- 2 diecutting stations and 1 sheeting station. (with 1 inch (25.4mm) thick steel frames).  
-- Independent 360-degree lineal registration (motorized) on each diecutting and sheeting station.
-- Lateral Register Bearing Block Assembly to allow the lateral registration adjustment of dies.
-- Patented micro-adjustable steel lined die slots allowing the operator to get a precise fit on the bearing blocks, even after years of use. These die slots also prevents replacement of main diecuttting frames resulting from excessive wear.

-- Independent air actuated isolator nip placed between print and diecut functions to effectively separate diecutting impact from affecting print quality. This also includes the Die Station Nip Control Panel located at the Master Control Panel, which has the nip “ON/OFF” switch and the nip tension gauge and regulator knob.

-- Thru hardened steel removable anvil rolls in all the die cutting and sheeting stations. The die cutting stations have 6" diameter anvil rolls and the sheeting station has 6" diameter anvil roll. Thru hardened steels provides longer life and prevents marking from metal to metal die cutting.
-- Thru hardened steel support rolls for all die cutting and sheeting stations to allow for easy undercutting. Support rolls also help prevent bowing and prolongs the life of the anvil rolls.
-- Die bearing blocks standard 1" on the 510, 11/4” on the 516 and 520 (other sizes are available) with 1/4 turn style for front side installation.
-- Heavy duty hold-down bars that bear directly on the die bearers with bearer wipers and die pressure adjusting units.
-- 28" maximum diecut repeat, which allows for the greatest die cutting and sheeting versatility.
-- 24" roll diameter waste wind-up with 3" diameter air cores and a Waste Wind-Up Control Panel located at the Master Control Panel. This panel contains the core “ON/OFF” switch, the core clutch “ON/OFF” switch, the capstan clutch “ON/OFF” switch, the core tension gauge and regulator knob, and the capstan tension gauge and regulator knob.
-- Exit pacing with pneumatically actuated nip roll, silicone rubber covered with 2" diameter bearings for rigidity. Exit pacing also includes an Exit Pacing Control Panel located at the Master Control Panel with nip “ON/OFF”, nip pressure gauge and regulator knob.
-- 30" roll diameter rewind with 2 horsepower DC driven motor or 40" roll diameter rewind with a 5 horsepower AC drive motor.
-- 3" diameter rewind shafts with air operated coreholders.
-- Rewind Control Panel, which is located in the Master Control Panel. The “Core” switch that supplies air pressure to expand the coreholder leaves, the ”Clutch” switch supplies the air pressure indicated in the tension gauge to the clutch and the “Regulator” knob that regulates the air pressure supplied to the clutch, thus changing the rewind tension. (This is only standard on the 40” Unwinds)


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