--  The 40" roll diameter unwind to increase production with less stopping for roll changes.
--  Standard pneumatic lift prevents back injury to the operator and allows easy loading of large rolls. 
--  3" diameter unwind shafts with air-operated core holders. The air pressure allows the core holder leaves to expand which traps the core when unwinding the stock. (Other sizes optional)
--  Unwind Control Panel located at the front panel on the unwind module. It contains the roll lift “UP” and “DOWN” buttons, the “LIFT LOCK” switch and the “E-STOP” buttons.
--  Tension control; a load cell monitoring system is the most sophisticated method for controlling web tension. It measures tension as the web passes over it’s surface, feeding information electronically to the unwind brake (disc brake system) where minute adjustments are made for constant, specified tension as the roll unwinds, allowing for more consistent print quality.
--  Tension Control Panel located above the splicing platform is an electronic, programmable panel with full digital readout.
--  End-of-Roll Switch that automatically shuts off the press before the stock roll run out of material.
--  Splicing platform located close to the unwind and makes quick work of roll changes and minimizes waste of time and materials. This platform is positioned waist high to allow the operator to easily perform the splicing operation.
--  The Electronic Edge Guide System is a standard feature, which automatically compensates for imperfect or telescoped stock rolls to keep the web at a set position in the press. As a result, make ready is easier and faster. This also aids side-to-side registry, while increasing production speeds.
--  Open-Loop Controlled In-Feed Pacing System, which adjusts the throw length by Breaking the infeed pacing roll. It also has a pneumatically actuated nip roll; silicone rubber covered with 2" diameter bearings for rigidity.
--  The Stack Light indicates when the press has power and is in run mode.


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